Interpreter Services

The interpreter at an immigration interview must be sufficiently fluent in both English and in the interviewee's language and must communicate the information accurately in both languages. Please note that while fluency and accuracy are components of being a competent interpreter, it does not always guarantee such competence.

We understand that government interviews can be intimidating for people mainly because they don’t speak the same language. Our interpreters at e-greencard possess extensive experience with the immigration terminology used by officers at these particular interviews which give our clients peace of mind making them feel more confortable and calm during their interviews.

Remember, an attorney who is representing an applicant, petitioner, or beneficiary in connection with a benefit is inherently partial and biased toward his client’s interest. Therefore, your attorney is disqualified from serving as interpreter at the interview. In the same way a conflict of interest would arise if your petitioner chooses to act as an interpreter.

Our interpreter services commonly extend to immigration interviews for asylum and family petition cases that are scheduled at the local immigration offices in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach.

Please contact us as soon as you receive your interview date if you need to make arrangements for an interpreter so we can secure the presence of a competent interpreter at your interview.

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