L1 Visa – Intracompany Transferee

  • Have you worked as a manager/executive at least one continuous year within the last 3 years in a foreign business entity?
  • Are you coming to the U.S. to open a new office enterprise related to the foreign entity? Or are you coming to work as an executive or manager in an already doing-business US corporation related to the foreign entity?
  • Will this new office be active and operating shortly after your transfer as an L-1 and will the foreign entity continue to do business?

If your answer is yes to must of these questions, you may qualify to receive an L-1 visa as an Intercompany Transferee!

L-1 visas are available to employees of an international company with offices in both the United States and abroad. The visa allows such foreign workers to relocate to the corporation's US office after having worked abroad for the company for at least one continuous year within the previous three prior to admission in the US. The US and non-US employers must be related in one of four ways: parent and subsidiary; branch and headquarters; sister companies owned by a mutual parent; or 'affiliates' owned by the same or people in approximately the same percentages. With extensions, the maximum stay is seven years.

Spouses of L-1 visa holders are allowed to work without restriction in the US (using an L-2 visa) once EAD is granted.

Legal permanent residency may also be granted to L-1 multinational managers and executives.  The Citizenship and Immigration Service can issue a “green card” after the company in the United States has been conducting business for at least one full year.

Unlike other employment-based categories, these foreign workers do not have to demonstrate any particular level of fame or success before they are allowed to get a green card.


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